INERGIS The office building of WachelkaINERGIS S.A. :

The office building of WachelkaINERGIS S.A.

The building was designed and built with the use of the latest technologies in the range of renewable sources of energy.
It is an innovative building like few others in Poland and Europe.


Applied technologies:


  • innovative system of heating and passive cooling (heat pump with the use of 1,000 m2 of floor installations),
  • system of mechanical ventilation with the reclamation of heat and cooling,
  • air-conditioning installation (ice water),
  • installation of solar collectors,
  • facade blinds with automatic control of the angle of inclination of panels,
  • control of access to the office building,
  • system of measuring and monitoring on-line with the possibility of remote control of the working parameters of
  • installations of central heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, passive cooling.