Expansion of STOLZLE Glassworks in Częstochowa

Within the framework of the project entitled:

“Construction of new buildings, expansion and change in the way of utilizing parts of the buildings of STOLZLE Glassworks Częstochowa Sp.z.o.o.”


we carried out internal installations in the production halls, as well as numerous work tasks encompassing the external network.


Within the framework of internal installations the following tasks were realized:

  • installation of return heat from technological water with a power of 395 kW,
  • installation of mechanical ventilation with return heat,
  • installation of air conditioning with the VRF system,
  • power drainage of roofs with the Pluvia system,
  • internal installation of water and sewage systems,
  • installation of central heating system,
  • internal installation of pressurized air,
  • installation of power supply for technical gases (oxygen + acetylene) for the building of bathtub-shaped hall.


In the sphere of the external network the following tasks were realized:

  • water supply network,
  • sanitary sewage system (forced sewers, gravitational system, coalescence separator, sewage pump station),
  • stormwater drainage system (forced sewers, gravitational system, coalescence separator, rainwaterpump station, reinforcement with Larsen system, protective steel pipes, building of laser tanks).




The work tasks carried out will improve the functioning of the building complex by increasing its efficiency and facilitating the restriction of fixed costs.
Work was carried out on a used building without disturbing the utilization of it.

Date of realization: 03.2011 – 03.2012